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Tristan Baker

Having multiple fast-paced businesses I needed a team who could help with the day to day management of the finances, run payroll and also give insights at a strategic level. The FC team have been great.  If we, or outside stakeholders, need any information or reports, no matter how non-standard, they are able to provide it.  Sitting with them in meetings also helps to solidify our thinking and determine actions. …

Michael Gower

Jo is great to work with. Very personable and helps immensely with cashflow management and getting the invoices paid. She’s also great to bounce ideas around with. I highly recommend her.

George Smart

The best advice I can give is to talk with Jo to assess whether you need them to get involved. Jo will not suggest unnecessary work. You get more than the extra mile and you get a true and valued member of your core team. Jo is now central to the day to day of my company and I listen to her insight when it comes forward planning. A I …

Holly Sutton

When you’re running your own business you often wish you had an extra five hours in the day, an extra pair of hands or a confidential ear to run things past. Jo and the Frankly Consult team are all of those things and more. From getting the processes in place to getting things working efficiently, to inducting staff, creating project plans and getting contracts organised & signed, Frankly will get …

James Layfield

Frankly Consult are great at looking after us, they make it effortless. Not only do I find Jo brilliant but other collegues who have worked with her have spontaneously commented how good she really is!

Pamela Lyddon

Jo Whitehead has been a massive support to Bright Star Digital right from our early days, and I cannot recommend her and her company highly enough.

As the company has grown she has grown with us and her input has helped us become a successful small business. It seems there is nothing they cannot do, from business sitting when I’m away on holiday, stepping in to manage the business whilst  I …

Elizabeth Harrin

Jo and I got talking because we both happened to be working at Central at the same time.  It was actually Jo who started talking to me she is far better at that sort of thing than I am!

We talked about what we both did, and she said she ran a company offering business support services and project management. I run a business writing firm, specialising in providing services to …

Abihishek Agrawal

Frankly Consult provided us with valuable, cost-effective market research. Even though she did not have prior knowledge of the healthcare industry she quickly grasped the challenges faced by our company, identified key trends affecting our market and located specific opportunities for us to target.

Joanne is really hardworking and enthusiastic with excellent communication skills. All her reports were insightful and delivered under strict timescales. Her analysis of the market trends and …

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