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Elizabeth Harrin

Elizabeth Harrin

Jo and I got talking because we both happened to be working at Central at the same time.  It was actually Jo who started talking to me she is far better at that sort of thing than I am!

We talked about what we both did, and she said she ran a company offering business support services and project management. I run a business writing firm, specialising in providing services to project management companies, so I was interested to hear more. I also have a portfolio career  The Otobos Group is not my only job.

My business is writing, which is what I love, and what I’m paid to do. All the other stuff, like dealing with software companies who want me to review their products, managing giveaways on my blog, researching website best practice etc takes me away from writing (and doesn’t pay) but still needs to be done to keep The Otobos Group running. Frankly Consult handles all that.

They are good at it, I’m supporting their business by being a regular customer and it frees me up to do the stuff that I’m best at  supporting my own clients with good quality business writing for their websites, blogs and magazines.

Since working with Frankly Consult I have won a new client, and I’m sure this is down to having more time to focus on my core business. Previously, given my other commitments, I’m not sure that I’d have been able to take on more work.

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