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About Us

Frankly Consult is a professional business solutions consultancy founded by Joanne Whitehead and based in London, UK.  If you are a small business owner and you want to see business growth then we will work with you to explore your goals and advise you on systems and processes which will really support you as your business takes off.

We offer a wide variety of flexible services to help you enhance your business performance and we are with you  every step of the way, so you can take your business to the next level.



Role at Franky Consult… An important role for me as Managing Director is to look after the team, our clients and develop new ways of working which will further improve on what we do. Having had over a decades worth of experience in all areas of business, I’m expert at seeing the big picture and coming up with really good ideas. I enjoy working with our clients at a strategic level and so will often sit in on board meetings helping them to understand where their businesses are now vs where they want them to be.

I get a real buzz from… I passionately believe that small business owners should have access to the same expert help that large corporates have in-house, but without the enormous costs, which is why in 2010 I started the company. I love watching clients faces light up when we hit on a great idea, or just seeing them more relaxed because they are not having to worry about as much makes me happy

The most fun and rewarding part of my job is… Going on client site and working with the growing teams.  It’s amazing to watch as businesses grow from being a team of 3 to a team of 10 and helping them through that transition.  And unlike working in corporates our clients often say thank you which is always nice to hear!

In my spare time… I’m a school governor and I’m re-learning the art of painting (badly at the moment)

Keely Bio


Finance Manager

Role at Franky Consult…I’m a Finance Manager with over 10 years of experience working in the arts, creative and charity sectors for companies including The Roundhouse and Thomson Reuters Foundation.

I get a real buzz from… working with entrepreneurs with big ideas, determination and enthusiasm and helping them to achieve the most from their creative businesses via straight talking support and hands on help.

The most fun and rewarding part of my job is… dealing with people from the creative industries and entrepreneurial types, who see finance as something scary and tedious and helping them turn that opinion round to realise it’s just the opposite!  My skills are in reporting and analysis and providing relevant and clear financial information to clients. This data helps them in a real way to manage their business finances effectively at a high level by removing all the unnecessary information which can bog down a busy MD.

In my spare time… I run a local cabaret club and drink lot’s of tea



Role at Franky Consult… I’m an accountant with over 15 years of experience.  Having qualified in my home country of Australia I moved to the UK in 2005.  My previous roles included both corporate and personal accounting and tax advice in both the UK & Australia.

I get a real buzz from… Starting with invoices, receipts, & bank statements and turning those into a set of financial statements and subsequent tax returns and on the way assisting clients making their businesses a success.

The most fun and rewarding part of my job is… Allowing clients to do what they do best (run their business) and ensure that the accounting and taxation requirements of their business are completed in the most efficient way.

In my spare time… I enjoy days out with my family and running the London Rugby League Club I founded in 2012.


P/T Payroll Manager

Role at Franky Consult… I’m the P/T Payroll Manager and accountant with over 20+ years of experience.  I’ve worked within large corporations like Virgin, Ericsson and the Body Shop.  

I get a real buzz from… The challenges that are thrown at me, problem solving and the different variety of clients I deal with.

The most fun and rewarding part of my job is… You never know what each day will bring or is around the corner!  Helping non-financial people understand the jargon and also getting their payrolls correct.  Also hitting deadlines and making sure everyone is paid correctly!

In my spare time… Spending time with my 3 children and wife, watching football and a tipple or two with friends.

Keely Augustus

Finance & administration

Role at Franky Consult…  I’m a Finance Administrator with over 6 years experience. I work within the areas of payroll & bookkeeping for both our sole trader and and company clients.  I also help to ensure that all the huge variety of documents and codes for Companies House and HMRC are requested, used and tracked – not always as easy as thought!

I get a real buzz from… helping clients with financial queries and setting their minds at ease – I love eliminating worry where I can, life is far too short!.

The most fun and rewarding part of my job is…

The most fun and rewarding part of my job is… knowing that processes are up to date so the client has the best experience. It’s great knowing that my role takes that stress away from the customer so they can concentrate their time on their career and not get weighed down in admin.

In my spare time… I run a bi-annual arts festival and generally smile every other second of the day.

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