Welcome to our website

Welcome to our website

Welcome to our website

It’s finally here!

Here at Frankly Consult we’ve been working hard on getting our new website launched and there have been times when I didn’t think we’d ever get there.

You’ll probably notice that we are still missing some pages – we are still working hard on developing our home page, services and FAQs pages for example but we’ve taken the big decision to have an incremental go-live.

For a long time we wanted to launch a perfect and complete website, however it became apparent that our website is never going to be ‘complete’, it needs to grow just like we are growing as a business. So we have focused on getting our key pages published, one of which is this blog and the rest will follow soon.

Do you tend to find that you want things to be perfect before you sign them off for release?

As someone who wants to do an excellent job every time I know how tough you can make things for yourself.

Thankfully I’ve managed to learn that sometimes you can afford to relax a bit, some jobs (such as our website) are always going to be a work in progress, and so whilst perfection is what we will always strive for, we’ll probably never be totally satisfied! But that’s OK.

So what have you been working on that you think is nearly done but still needs a bit more work? Chances are, with a bit of tidy up it may be already there – so give yourself permission to send out that newsletter, agree on your logo colour or accept that your internal templates are good enough already ‘“ you can always change it later or improve upon it next time.

We will be adding content directed towards helping other small business owners on a regular basis so add us to your Google reader for updates 🙂

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Phone: 0203 637 7659