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Outsource Your BookKeeping for Better Business Performance

As a business owner you know how important it is to document all of your financial transactions and activities throughout the tax year.


Not only are you required by law to do this but keeping accurate figures enables you to monitor how well your business is performing over that year and apply any changes essential to boosting your business growth.

When you have …

Social Media Communication

As social media is becoming more widely used it is important that you know how to communicate using this valuable tool.

Social media communication isn’t just about posting articles onto your Facebook page or re-tweeting someone else’s tweet on twitter it’s about engaging with your audience, getting to know them and what they are all about. By doing this you can …

Managing Your Financial Records for Business Growth

Most micro businesses and entrepreneurs manage their finances using the time old tradition of spreadsheets because it seems the easiest solution when you’re building up your business, and to begin with it is.

If you’ve had your business for less than two years then you probably have a spread sheet that records incomings & outgoings …

Get organised in 2012 – easy jobs that you can do now

It’s at this time of year that everyone tells you what a great time it is to revisit your vision, define your goals and put together big plans for the next 12 months. However whilst I find these articles inspiring and they do provide food for thought, they also sound like a bit too much hard work after returning from a much needed break!

If you’re feeling guilty that you haven’t …

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