Vision and Clarity in Business -

Vision and Clarity in Business

Vision and Clarity in Business

Let me ask you a question; would you walk out of your front door without knowing where you were heading?

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As a small business owner you can so often get caught up in the day to day running of your business and you can lose sight of what you’re trying to achieve.

Chasing clients for payment, making sure the T&Cs are signed and delivering the work is all important stuff so by the time the days ended the last thing you want to do is think about your business strategy!

If this sounds like you then you need a little help with your vision and clarity.

If you don’t already know where you’re going then you need to stop and create a crystal clear vision on what you’re up to in the world. You don’t want to run your business like a fish out of water.

If you take the time to become clear about your business vision, needs and goals, you will naturally train your subconscious to focus its energy on only carrying out tasks that are worth your while.

There are many techniques you can use to help you with your business vision and clarity.


I bet when I mentioned ‘like a fish out of water’ you actually pictured a fish out of water. Visualisation comes naturally to kids but teachers would have done their best to knock it out of you. Start daydreaming once again but this time focus it on your business.

Start to visualise what your business will look like in 3 years from now; will you be moved out of your home studio and into an open plan barn with a team of employees to share laughs with? Will you be working on bigger projects with larger companies? Will your business be winning awards? How do you feel? What do your visions look like, sound like, smell like?

Try to make your visions so real that they’re almost tangible.

Don’t limit your thinking; in your dreams anything is possible and your turning those dreams into a reality is absolutely possible if you’¦

Set Yourself Goals

Think back to when you started your business and the reasons why. What excited you, what problems did you want to solve. Answering these questions will help you to determine your future goals, and goals are something you can then work towards to ensure you’re progressing your business.

Take action and brainstorm the possibilities of where you can take your business. Get a pen and paper or your iPad, laptop etc. and create a list of your goals, titles if you will and under each goal leave enough space for


In order to achieve ‘clarity’ one must first understand what it takes to get there. Under each of your goals write down the tasks and a timeframe of when you will complete this task, do this for all of your goals and you will start to develop a step-by-step action plan on how to take your business forward from where it is now. You might already think you’re doing great in your business, but can you do better? Follow these steps and let’s see!

When you’ve followed through on your visualisation, you’ve established your goals and created your tasks then you should have total clarity on where your business is today and where you want it to be in the future.

You may also like to add into the “business vision” mix a ‘mood board’ or ‘vision board’. Basically get a pin board or a magnetic board and pin anything to it that inspires you, motivates you and helps you to see first-hand the positive direction you’re heading in. Why not give Pinterest a try! Creating visual goals is the purpose of this task.

Achieving business clarity is awesome but taking the next steps can seem a little daunting, if this is the case for you then don’t worry because there are plenty of people that can help you take your business where you want it to go.

Once you know where you want to be going it just takes a little structure to get there. If you want someone to help you take those steps then consider working with a business solutions manager who can help you take giant leaps towards true business growth.

Q:What tools do you use to stay on track?

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