Negotiate on Price and You Negotiate on Quality -

Negotiate on Price and You Negotiate on Quality

Negotiate on Price and You Negotiate on Quality

When you’re a small business owner trying to grow your business you will most likely see the value in paying someone new a high fee if that person is going to help win you new business. Speculate to accumulate and all that.

When you run a business it is easy to understand the value of a ‘fee earner’ but often more difficult to appreciate the true value of a supporting role.

If you’ve ever found yourself getting snowed under with the administrative side of your business you’ve no doubt just tried to deal with it all yourself in the belief that you’re saving yourself money.

The problem for most entrepreneurs and small business owners is that you are not saving money by doing these tasks yourself; you are actually losing money because you’re not focusing your energy on using your time in the way that your business needs or doing the things that you enjoy.

If you are not free to drive your business forward who is?

Running your business should be fun, it should be a pleasure. You shouldn’t dread Monday afternoons because that’s when you do your accounts, nor should you have to put an afternoon aside to upload your video blog to all of the social media channels ‘“ while you’re doing that who knows what business opportunities you’ve missed?

In order to continually drive your business forward and enjoy business growth you have to have a good support team in place to help you achieve those successes.

Things like administration support, client organisation, finance management and online marketing are all things that are vital parts of your business yet shouldn’t require too much of your attention.

As with all business decisions, cost is an important factor but so is quality. There’s a reason someone coined the phrase ‘you get what you pay for’ and that’s because it’s true. Negotiate on price and you negotiate on quality.

Ensuring you hire the right people to work with will add value to your business and you cannot put a price on that! You need to surround yourself by the brightest people who are going to help you as you develop your business vision.

When we start working with new clients one of the first questions we ask them is why?  What is the overall vision for their business and what do they want to achieve? We believe this is fundamental in helping to understand what they need as a business and expect from us as partners so that we can help them get to where they want to go effectively.

If we were competing on price alone then we couldn’t afford to add that extra value to your business, and if there was that detachment then we’d risk caring less than we do.

Whether you’re looking to recruit people directly into your business, work with freelancers, subcontractors or partners you just need to ensure you work with people, who are pro-active, an expert in their field, interested in your vision and passionate about helping you to make it a reality.

I hate to say it but its true; negotiate on price and you negotiate on quality!

Q: Do you find the same or have you been very lucky?

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