Coworking: The best way to avoid that 'cabin-fever' feeling

Coworking: The best way to avoid that ‘cabin-fever’ feeling

Coworking: The best way to avoid that ‘cabin-fever’ feeling

Having your own business is often exhilarating, fun and rewarding. If you are a entrepreneur, small business owner or part of a remote team then you probably have a comfortable home-office where you can lose yourself in your work.

However have you ever got to 5pm and realised that you still haven’t got dressed? Or realised that apart from the people you connect with online you haven’t spoken to a real person for over 24 hours?

Here at Frankly towers we are a big fan of remote working; technology which supports this way of running a business is developing all the time. However sometimes it’s just good to get out of your normal environment and interact with real people!

I’ve tried to work in coffee shops, only to get annoyed at having to pack up everything just to go to the loo. The park is great in theory except when you can’t see your laptop screen because of the suns glare. Undeterred however I joined a membership club in London called Central and I’m pleased to say that it’s been a great experience so far and well worth the small monthly fee.

By being a member of Central I’ve met so many interesting people, it’s really inspiring to hear what other people are up to in the world which is great if you need a motivation boost.

Are you or have you considered joining a membership club? If so I’d love to hear all about your experiences.

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