Are you having fun in your business? -

Are you having fun in your business?

Are you having fun in your business?

Are you having fun in your business or are you so bogged down running the day to day stuff that it feels more like a chore than a hurrah?!

Business should be fun and especially when it’s yours.

Sure, running your own business isn’t always a blast, there are a lot of challenges but at least you’re the one who gets to call the shots so you may as well enjoy yourself on the journey.

Having fun in your business doesn’t mean you have to stop being professional or go to work wearing a clown outfit. What it means is to remind yourself on a daily basis about why you started your business, what you enjoy about it and don’t sweat the small stuff.

If you look at some of the most successful businesses today you can see that they focus on development, creation and business growth rather than focusing on bookkeeping, contracts, setting up systems and endless tweaks to their policies.

That administration type stuff doesn’t even come into it.

That’s not to say it isn’t vital to the success of their business but it isn’t the really fun side either. Unless of course like us your business is administration support and business consulting then one would hope you do find that sort of thing fun!

I imagine if there was a filing department at Google they would probably have a disco ball, some slammin’ tunes and the filing clerks would all be on roller skates!

Most of us are in business for at least one of the following two reasons;

A. Because we have a passion for what we do or sell

B. Because we want to make money from what we do or sell

If you have one without the other then there is some serious FUN missing from your business.

You probably spend about all of your week on tasks that you don’t actually need to be doing and don’t really enjoy, “ of it travelling around, writing proposals and generally procrastinating and …“ actually doing fee earning work.

So lets look at how you can take your fun factor in your business from zero to hero…

Make a list of all the things that you typically do in your week (or use our task breakdown template) and estimate the time you spend and then ask yourself whether you actually need to do them.

If you’re focused on the work that you’re passionate about (and that is the good stuff that actually brings in the money) then go do that and stop wasting your time on the day to day tasks that someone else can do.

Work with people who motivate, inspire and complement you and your business. Whether you’re a one woman band, you have a team of employees or you work with external business consultants; you want to make sure that you not only work well with them but you can also have fun with them.

Create the right working environment for business creativity. Environment has a huge affect on most people, so if you work in a fun space you are far more likely to have an enjoyable day and as a result be more effective in your business.

Work spaces like Central Working can be an ideal fun working environment.  place where you can talk business on a comfy chair over a coffee and meet other people who like to have fun in their business too.

Make some simple adjustments in your business and start focusing more on having some FUN!

Q: What changes do you need to make to spend more time doing the things you love and earn you money?

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