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What do you want?

What do you want?

– What do you want?

– More time, money & less stress!

– When do you want it?

– Now!

A simple question, it’s one which all business owners should try and answer before making any changes to their business. The new year is a perfect time to look back on the last 12 months and decide on whether anything needs to change to give you the life that you want. Your honest answer to this question will allow you to target the areas within your business so that the outcomes reflect your aims, as they should.

It’s easy to feel that you need a mental Sat-nav to navigate your way around business jargon. Do you need to make time for blue-sky visioning sessions as well as going granular. And did you remember to review those cash forecasts, take your bad debts into account and finalise your balance sheet?

Unnecessary jargon is frustrating and very often meaningless. More dangerously, it can obscure the more elementary, important aspects of business which you should be considering. Jargon is for people who have something to hide.

Yes, What do you want?, is a vague question but don’t let that deter you; break it down into bite-sized bits. And don’t be afraid to mix personal with business; if you run a micro-sized business then you’re probably used to the two areas blending into one another. What you want as an individual most probably coincides with what you want for your business, at least in the early stages.

In its most elementary form, business often begins from the premise of doing something that you believe in being and being of service to others. In order to do this, you need to understand exactly what it is that you want to happen. Do you, for instance, want to publicise and sell a product in which you have passionate belief? Do you want a business which runs itself after some time, leaving you time to pursue non-income producing hobbies? Do you want to be a millionaire?

Break the question down into time-frames to form the basis of a plan. What do you want now? What do you want a year from now? What do you want five years from now? Do you want a huge corporation with thousands of employees? Or do you want a small, family-run business with five people doing everything?

All valid questions, and ones which must be answered truthfully in order to structure a business which satisfies you.

A good business is one which brings you, in some combination, the three things necessary for peace of mind: time, money and happiness. A great business has built-in development potential, so that your personal involvement can be phased out over time, leaving you with more of the good stuff: time, money and happiness. Young businesses are a reflection of their creators, and the best businesses have a culture that that customers can really connect with.

In answering this initial question you’re clarifying your goal and making your journey towards it that much easier. Share your goals and ambitions with your team so that they are just as motivated and excited as you are and that you are all working together – it will make your life much easier if you do!

Once you know where you’re heading, the journey becomes a series of single steps. So ask yourself, what do you want?

Wishing you much success in 2014!


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